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Gimme Your Stuff!

after the intense barrage of camera-fuckin-around for several weeks, this will be one of my first non-picture posts in awhile. in recent news, i've been wandering the streets of madrid, shopping at times, avoiding the heat at others. I've also received an insult attack at the palacio de communicades (post office). lovely. otherwise, i've been cooking alot, listening to alot of music and reconfigured my computer. sweet.

the highlight of all this activity, however, is my discovery of this lovely site (Gimme Your Stuff).  if you haven't heard of it yet, here's a snippet of their intro:

"Welcome to Gimme Your Stuff, the cultural exchange blog where you can swap items of significance to your area with items from others around the world. A conduit for many an international cuisine to change hands. A place where you can trade a newspaper from South Africa, or a CD from Finland. A place where we take no responsibility for anything anyone else does. A place where we are Changing the world with other people’s stuff."

of course i had to be a part of this. it's the coolest idea ever. thus with this post is a list of items i hcan get to swap and stuff i want. if you haven't joined it yet, go join!

Items for Swap:
1) singaporean snacks/candy/food
2) singaporean magazines
3) singaporean whatever
4) books
5) magazines
6) scrapbooking materials
7) postcards
8) mix CDs
9) clothes

Items I would Like:
1) anything vintage
2) postcards/ephemera/old paper
3) mix CDs
4) folk art
5) local food/candy
6) zines
7) books
i guess whatever you think is cool. i love surprises

right on! ok so i hope to meet a bunch of new people from this swap and if you like this idea as much as i do, spread the word! :) love you guys, more pics coming.

oh and a million thanks to drewpy for the pynchon. i'm going to pick it up at the PO later on. hopefully they won't insult me again. i can't wait to read it!!!


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I would love to swap herbs and recipes for magazines! Just tell me what kind of magazines (cooking?) that you like and you got a deal.


Re: Swap

yay! anything literary will be wonderful. :)
if you have crafting magazines, that will be cool too.

e-mail me? ludwigvonpooface@gmail.com


Hi, dephal (dephal.blogspot.com) here! Snacks and a kid's book for books sounds great! I have a big stack of books. I could send you a list of what I have, or you could tell me what you like and I can pick a few that sound likely. Which would you prefer?
holy hell thats amazing.
we hangout tomorrow!!!
hell yes!


Swap Magazines?

What kind of magazines do you like? (please name any specific titles you can think of)
What vintage items do you like?

hey new last.fm friend. i was bored and saw this was listed in your little blippy profile whatever on last.fm, so i thought, what the hell, i've got a lj and a myspace, i'll friend her ass. and that's how i got here.
super sweet. i love last.fm


reply to candy-book swap

sure, i'll trade, what specifically are you looking for?

Andrew (http://jones360.blogspot.com/2006/07/gimme-your-stuff.html)


hey lizzy! i would love to organize a swap with you! i would love some stickers and candies, and perhaps some fabric?

i can supply you with some very cool vintage items. email me at magowank at gmail.com to discuss.




I'd love to swap with you. Let me know! E-mail me at charing5 at aol.com


Re: sure

oh and this is Charlene from California!



I can send you an american postcard in exchange for postcard(s)from singapore. Thanks email me at



Snail mail

I live in Indiana , United States. I have key chains, stickers, free hand outs,clothing, maps, odd and ends, wallnuts, bracelets, just ask. We love surpises. We like pens and pencils with ads on them, junk mail ads, stickers open to just about any things. Love all kinds of food. http://flashbit.us/family/family.htm to see more about us.


I would love to swap with you! You can check out my livejournal for my own list. I can send you paper things like postcards, magazines, vintage things as well as candy/treats from Illinois. I am most interested books about crafting (sewing pattern books, embroidery, knitting) and re-ment mini food and kitchen stuff. Can you get re-ment where you are? If you wanna swap, just let me know!

Re: Swapping?

i don't think i can get re-ment where i am. i've actually never heard of it. hmm. :( craft books are kinda unaffordable for me right now. they're mostly imported so you could prob either get them cheaper where you live or if not, are severely out of my price range. hmm will you be interested in anything else? e-mail me. ludwigvonpooface@gmail.com


I have sent you an email about swapping some stuff.... hope to hear from you.



Hi there,

Wondering if you wanted to do a swap?? I can trade vintage items, books, local candy/snacks, or anything else you may have your heart set on, hehe. Let me know!

Shalyn @ www.pinkladyapple.blogspot.com

Re: Swap

hey yeah! email me?




I just saw your message that you wanted to swap recipes and herbs for California Magazines. Tell me what you like and I can swap you!


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